Online Auction Seller Contract


I , __________________________________________, referred to as the seller, appoint Currie Auction, LLC to act as a selling agent for all items to be sold through online auction.  I, the seller, acknowledge that all items will sell to the highest bidder and that Currie Auction LLC does not guarantee any selling price.  If a reserve value is to be set on any item, the value must be discussed and agreed on prior to the item being listed for auction.  The reserve price of an item will be listed in the item description.


Currie Auction LLC will be the selling agent for the seller and will sell all attached listed items to the highest bidder by public online auction.  A commission rate of the gross amount of the highest bid PER LOT will be paid to Currie Auction LLC.

$2.00 to $500 – 20%

$501 TO $1,000 – 15%

$1,001 TO $3,000 – 10%

$3,001 TO $5,000 – 5%

$5,001 AND UP – Seller Premium subject to negotiation with Currie Auction


Currie Auction, LLC. will conduct the auction, make all collections, and finalize billing details directly connected with the auction.  If for any reason an item consigned to the auction is unsold, a plan for that item will be discussed between the seller and Currie Auction.

If you choose to hire Currie Auction to pick up and transport your items there will be a fee collected at the end of the auction:

*Transport Fee: $20 per hour per man

All payments to the seller less commission owed to Currie Auction, and any other fees contained in this contract, shall be made in the form of a company check.  The check will be mailed to the seller’s address listed below 10-15 business days from the end of the auction in which seller’s items are sold.


Seller is responsible to supply Currie Auction with a list of items being sold and is recommended to provide a description or any special notes that should be used in the item’s listing description to help obtain the most value for that item.  All items must be clean and in the most functional condition possible.  Items listed to be sold that are in good running condition must have enough gas to prove operating condition to buyers.  There will be a listing fee of $2.00 per Lot (anything that is in the picture is a lot)

If items are brought in BULK, Currie Auction reserves the right to organize and group items together as they see fit to the best advantage of the seller.  All undescribed items will be described to the best ability of Currie Auction and a listing fee of $4.00 per lot will be applied.

If you choose to hire Currie Auction to conduct an Online-On Location Auction with all items remaining at your residence the above stated listing guidelines do not apply and instead an auction setup fee will be charged and collected at the end of the auction:

*Set-up Fee: $150 Table Rental (if applicable) and $20 per hour per man

Seller guarantees that he/she has the right to sell all items in the auction and that they are without liens or encumbrances of any kind.

Seller will assume all attorney fees and court costs should any litigation be brought forth from any buyer regarding the seller’s items and representation of those items.

Seller/Consignor will maintain insurance on their items until they have been paid in full by Currie Auction.  Seller agrees that items listed will not be withheld or disposed of in any manner prior to or during the time of the auction and understands Currie Auction makes no guarantee on selling price.

All buyer’s premium collected will be kept by Currie Auction.